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STUDING the future of distribution and audiences

Besides our marketing services, we are actively involved in the ever-changing film industry and think tank processes. In collaboration with the French company Headway, we have participated in three specialized studies on the future of distribution and audiences for clients such as The European Commission and Proimágenes en movimento. Concurrently, we are part of the Eave European network, providing marketing training services for producer workshops such as European Producers Workshop, Puentes and Film Marketing Workshop. Our office is located in the Factoría Cultural hub, a springbroad of artistic entrepreneurship and innovation at the heart of Matadero de Madrid.

Looking for bridges between brands and films

Brandstorm is a newly launched joint venture of the two leading film-marketing agencies in Spain: The Film Agency and Working at Weekend. Through this label, we look for bridges between brands and films. Brandstorm is thus specialized in sponsoring, product placement and branded content as tools where brands and cinema have clear synergies.

We’re currently developing our first adhoc film Project for a Brand: The Correos Film Festival 2016.

Shaping straight-to-vod distribution across europe

Walk This Way aggregates and promotes films for straight-to-VOD distribution in the European Union. The first edition involved 280 multi-territorial releases and 180 subtitles and just received support to kick-off a second year. For this second edition, Walk This Way will distribute 50 movies in more than 15 territories, which will require the creation of 400 subtitles. Each film will be available in an average of 8 territories on referenced global platforms (iTunes, Google Play, Amazon, Sony, XboX) as well as leading local platforms like Tf1, Universciné, Filmin or Flimit.

The Action is led by a team of three complementary partners: Under The Milky Way, who are behind the aggregation process, Europa International, managing relations with Sales Agents, and The Film Agency, in charge of coordinating the straight-to-VOD digital marketing strategy. New key sales agents such as Beta Cinema, Celluloid Dreams, New Europe Film Sales, Protagonist Pictures and The Match Factory have joined the partners already on board from the previous edition: Autlook Film Sales, Gaumont, Pathé, Films Boutique, Films Distribution, Memento Film International and The Yellow Affair.

Multi-territorial day-and-date releasing

The TIDE Experiment, is being supported for the fourth time by the European Commission within the framework of the Creative Europe Programme.
Since 2012, Tide has implemented innovative multi-territorial, Day-and-Date and Festival-To-Date releases. The three previous editions involved 11 films coming from 8 international sales agents, more than 30 local distributors, 50 exhibitors, 40 film services suppliers, 20 VOD platforms, and 4 top film festivals, in more than 15 European territories. Under The Milky Way coordinates the digital distribution, The Festival Agency takes care of the Festival-To-Date releases and The Film Agency coordinates the Transversal Marketing of the Action.