It’s high time for THINK DATA!

Next Thursday, 29th November, the first conclusions of biannual SVOD report THINK DATA: EQUINOX will be presented in a Webinar at 1 p.m . Organized in collaboration with Audiovisual 451, the webinar will host Sarah Calderon, CEO of The Film Agency, audiovisual analyst Elena Neira, and Audiovisual 451 editor Irene Jiménez. We cannot wait!




In the framework of THINK DATA, this is an essential wrap-up to understanding today’s audiovisual industry. The report contains an overview of viewership in 5 European territories based on SODA’s granular data, market share of Netflix and Amazon, a recap European Top 50 per territory, a dynamic and more detailed analysis of the most important hot titles, as well as editorials by Elena Neira and Wendy Mitchell, and much more. SODA’s data comes from unbiased and representative audience panels in the UK, France, Italy, Germany and Spain.

THINK DATA: EQUINOX monthly subscription offers an unique set of accessible, synoptic, and analytical data reports of SVOD consumptions trends in the leading platforms of Netflix and Amazon in 5 European markets: UK, France, Germany, Spain, Italy. This montly report gives a periodical overview of the ever-changing streaming frame with an independent and European outlook, counting the diagnosis of the most-streamed genres and detailed production country share, and also provides exclusive Top 100 movies insights, as well as other valuable data.


Most streamed genres


Is the Crime genre the new thing? Is there an apparent perfect moment for a given SVOD genre like in box-office programming? Are children the future of streaming platforms? Are shows made for and by women leading a new trend? How do Audiences behave in every country and SVOD Platform? These are some of the questions which are addresed in the report through a complete approach, including key information to understand today’s audiovisual industry.




Here is one of the main conclusions: All genres can be embraced by the streaming giants, but not all genres are worth the same in every country. Overall, when it comes to movies, Action is the most streamed genre, but comedy is the one that is mentioned in more combinations. The growth of Drama and Crime provides remarkable opportunities for European content because of their results and cost-effectiveness. Although Drama and Romance from the N platform achieve the highest number of streams, Comedy produced by Amazon is the subgenre that gets the most mentions in the charts throughout the whole semester. 


Netflix vs. Amazon

Is there an apparent perfect moment for a given SVOD genre like in box-office programming? Amazon and Netflix are different here. Generally speaking, consumption tends to grow during the first days of the month, and usually has its lowest point around mid-month. Is this because of the chosen launch dates, or does it respond to differences in spare time throughout the course of the same month? Netflix’s streams suffer a little bit more from seasonality than Amazon. THINK DATA Webinar will shed more light on these differences.

To Sarah Calderón, CEO of The Film Agency: “this new semester report is a quick must-read to prepare strategies in 2023 understanding current trends of European content that is performing. It will give the necessary selling arguments to content holders and put them in a better negotiation position when pitching new projects to leading platforms.”

In the editorials of the report, Elena Neira analyses how the subscription business model is changing and how Glocal content is embraced differently in each analysed territory. Also, film and entertainment journalist, film festival consultant and moderator Wendy Mitchell participates on the editorials analysing the overall situation of award-winning and indie films on the platforms.


Registrations will be open soon, keep an eye on our social media to find out more!

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