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For producers in the development and financing stage

We provide producers with a strategic marketing approach in the early stage of development, including a benchmarking, SWOT analysis, positioning hypotheses, target audience, communication, promotion and media plan possibilities, online and offline applicable tools and a distribution plan.
We have applied this service to: Everything Will be Fine (Wim Wenders) for NeueRoad Movies (Germany) and Anna Frank (Ari Folman) for Entre Chien et Loup (Belgium).

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For producers in the production stage

We provide producers with a perfect coordination service of marketing tools throughout shooting and postproduction. We advise on and supervise all kinds of creative publicity and marketing content: visual identity, posters, logos, trailers, dossiers, PR, publicity, events, public relations, social media and community management, collateral content such as making of, B-roll, bloopers, virals, webdocs, podcasts, soundtracks… among other related lines of actions.
We have applied this service to: Biennale College (Italy), Rams (Grímur Hákonarson) (Iceland/Poland) and Theeb (Naji Abu Nowar), (Jordan).

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For sales agents seeking distributors and potential audiences

It is more and more important for sales agents to increase the levels of awareness of their films through creative means. We provide greater exposure through social media and other marketing tools, generating and further adding to the buzz during the international launch. We provide creative and alternative ideas beyond the conventional b2b.

We have applied this service to: The Boy and The Beast (Mamoru Hosoda) for Gaumont International, Omar (Hany Abu-Assad), Le Meraviglie (Alice Rohrwacher), White God (Kornel Mundruczó), Cemetery of Splendour (Apichatpong Weeresathakul) for The Match Factory, Son of Saul (László Nemes) for Films Distribution and RV-Press and The Visit (Michael Madsen) for Autlook during festivals such as Sundance, Cannes and San Sebastián.

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For territory-by-territory distributors

We reach the right audience and segment(s) using digital tools, via grassroots actions and through social media. As this service requires a local focus, we have applied it mainly in Spain, but we can also handle other European territories as well as South America.
We have applied this service to films such as Tangerines (Zaza Urushadze), Two lives (Georg Maas), Stranger by the lake (Alain Guiraudie), Blackfish (Gabriela Cowperthwaite), for Karma Films in Spain or other alternative cinema content, like Cobain: Montage of Heck (Brett Morgen), Arcade Fire: The Reflektor Tapes (Kahlil Joseph), One Direction: WhereWeAre and Royal Opera House for Arts Alliance in Spain.

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For several distributors (allied through a transnational strategy)

This service, highly innovative in the independent film industry, is conceived to bring together and link distributors in separate territories around the same strategy. We provide the strategy for their alternative and digital actions to ensure they are elevated to a transnational level. This allows them to share costs, makes for greater awareness and adds to reach and online impact. We manage tools such as social media channels, online advertising, website, apps, games, events and global launches, among others.
We have applied this service for films like Dior & I (Frédéric Tcheng), The Visit (Michael Madsen), Master of the Universe (Marc Bauder), White God (Kornel Mundruczó) for The TIDE Experiment, or Is The Man Who is Tall Happy (Michel Gondry), La Belle et la Bete (Christophe Gans) for Walk This Way.

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For truly innovative exhibitors generating event-driven and social strategies

Due to the advent of new media and VOD platforms, exhibitors need to generate social and surprising events to appeal audiences. We help them develop adhoc event-driven strategies that turn the cinema-going into a truly memorable experience.

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