A film marketing solution created for producers, sales agents, distributors & exhibitors across the world

Since our creation we have positioned ourselves at the core of innovation in film marketing and communications

We work with a wide range of clients from every step of the film-making process.

Producers that trusted our services to build up their early-stage marketing strategies are: Backup, Entre Chien et Loup, Mediapro, Morena, Neueroad Movies (Wim Wenders), Petit Films, Samsa Films.
International Sales Agents who have trusted their Raising Awarness strategies are: Beta Cinema, Charades, Gaumont, Fandango, Film Constellation, Film Factory, Latido Films, New Europe, Playtime and The Match Factory for successful films like Spoor, David Lynch: The Art Life, Aquarius, Toni Erdmann, The SummitThe Boy and the Beast, Rams and Son of Saul.
Distributors such as A Contracorriente, Avalon, Caramel, Fox, Karma, Under the Milky Way, Wanda and Wild Bunch France have trusted our services to promote films like Exhibition on Screen, Maria by Callas, Les Filles du Soleil, Walk With Me and Loving Vincent.
We are pioneers in strategic marketing innovation through projects like The TIDE Experiment or Walk This Way, both supported by Creative Europe-Media. Most recently, we have launched two Audience Development Projects aimed to engage with younger cinema audiences. European Film Challenge and PlayGround Cine.

The audience is our priority and the key connection between marketing and film

An Audience-driven approach: we generate cost-effective and innovative actions that constantly blend hybrid marketing concepts into one single action: we often dare to mix b2b and b2c approaches into one single video; we frequently mix offline and online strategies in one event; and we constantly mix PR with social media awareness. All these blended approaches turn our marketing into a highly-performing tool, way beyond posters and trailers.

The best of two worlds: We offer deep knowledge of two worlds: advertising and film. All of our collaborators gather educational background and ground expertise on both areas, allowing us to plug the interests of film making and film promoting. This makes our strategic position a unique piece in the puzzle of cinematographic innovation.

We believe we can help the film industry to face new challenges

We are born to face the potential threats of our industry and turn them into opportunities. We believe that the advent of new media and online and digital tools like VoD or branded content are strong opportunities for innovation and creativity. Thus we support growth of innovation and evolution towards new models of distribution and communication.

  • Sarah Calderón

    Sarah is the main strategist, founder and director of the company. She holds a major in Advertising from the PUJ of Bogotá and a Master’s Degree in Multicultural Communication from the CELSA Sorbonne IV, Paris. She has fifteen years of work experience in the audio-visual sector where she has held many different positions, including: Head of International Sales at Coproduction Office, Paris, distribution coordinator at Karma Films, Madrid, and Producer of Festival Toma5inco in Bogotá. Given her vast international network and her vision to challenge the ways we reach Audiences; Sarah is an up-and-coming opinion leader in the Film Industry.

  • Espinar Gabriel

    Espinar is The Film Agency’s creative project manager for year-long projects such as The TIDE Experiment, Biennale College and CINANDO. She manages rich content and design strategies for films at festival launches, such as Son of Saul, Boy and The Beast, The Summit and Mirai. She is in charge of the expansion of the agency´s creative and graphic services. Espinar graduated in Audio-visual Communication and specialized in video editing. She started her career as a graphic designer and video editor, later moving to Young & Rubicam as graphic and digital producer.

  • Raquel Cabrera

    Raquel is The Film Agency’s project manager for the Spanish-speaking market, with a focus on film-marketing and consultancy for Producers. Her most important recent clients include Avalon, Fox, Mediapro, MOD and Telecinco. She is also a recurrent speaker for producer’s forums around the world, having participated in EAVE, IMCINE, New Horizons and Doha Film Institute. Raquel holds a double degree in Communications and Business. She has previous experience in production companies such as Morena Films and Mediaset, and Spanish companies like Mapfre and Endesa.

  • Celia Fumanal

    Celia takes care of Raising Awareness campaigns including digital promotion, social media management and the Disruptive Publicity service. She manages the area of Event-Cinema and drives innovation and new business within the company. Celia works directly with clients like A Contracorriente and Caramel and leads projects like European Film Challenge and Playground Cine. Her prior professional experience includes work with branded content companies such as Muwom. Celia graduated in Communications in Zaragoza and pursued later a Master’s Degree in Strategic Planning and User Experience, with a focus on Design Thinking.