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In a sunny district of Naples where everyone knows each other, Mario and Lino, two inseparable friends, live day by day in the monotony of neighborhood life. Until everything changes: Annaluce, Lino’s little sister, starts to make miracles and becomes the patron saint of the district. For both of them, the unthinkable happens, a door opens to a new world that will lead them to take different paths, risking everything, even the most important thing they have: their fraternal friendship.

For the eighth year in a row, we had the opportunity to work on La Biennale College Cinema’s marketing campaigns for the films in their 2020 selection. La Santa Piccola by Silvia Brunelli was one of them. For every film, we made the strategy, poster, trailer and press dossier in collaboration with our partners Pablo Dávila Studio.





Iconographic Poster