• A marketing solution created for producers, sales agents and distributors across the world

    The Film Agency is a marketing agency specialized in the film industry, based in Madrid. We provide consulting and international marketing services to producers from the early project stages, help sales agents to raise awareness of their line-ups during festival launches, and cooperate with distributors, institutions and festivals facing new challenges in alternative marketing.

  • Our Experience

    Since our creation in January 2012, we have worked with more than 50 clients in over 16 different countries, among them Arts Alliance, Autlook, Avalon, Backup Films, Biennale di Venezia, Entre Chien et Loup, Films Distribution, Gaumont, Karma Films, Marché du Film de Cannes, Morena Films, NeueroadMovies-WimWenders, Pretty Pictures, Ridley Scott Associates, Royal Opera House, RV-Press and The Match Factory.

    We have helped launch independent films such as Arcade Fire: The Reflektor Tapes (Kahlil Joseph), Blackfish (Gabriela Cowperthwaite), Cemetery of Splendour (Apichatpong Weerasethakul), Cobain: Montage of Heck (Brett Morgen), Dior & I (Frédéric Tcheng), Two Lives (Georg Maas, Judith Kaufmann), Everything will be fine (Wim Wenders), Le Meraviglie (Alice Rohrwacher), Tangerines  (Zaza Urushadze), Master of the Universe (Marc Bauder), Omar (Hany Abu-Assad), Rams (Grímur Hákonarson), Son of Saul (László Nemes), Stranger by the lake (Alain Guiraudie), The Boy and The Beast (Mamoru Hosoda), The Visit (Michael Madsen) and White God (Kornel Mundruczó).

    We are pioneers in strategic marketing innovation, specialized in digital distribution through projects like The TIDE Experiment or Walk This Way, both supported by Creative Europe-Media. We manage the transversal marketing of almost 60 films strategically released with innovating distribution models such as Premium-Vod-Launch, Day-and-Date or Festival-to-date. The key partners for these innovation projects are Cineuropa, Europa Distribution, Europa International, IPEDA and Under the Milky Way.

    Besides our marketing services, we are actively involved in the ever-changing film industry and think tank processes. In collaboration with the French company Headway, we have participated in three specialized studies on the future of distribution and audiences for clients such as The European Commission and Proimágenes en movimento. Concurrently, we are part of the Eave network, providing marketing training services for producer workshops such as European Producers Workshop, Puentes and Film Marketing Workshop.

    More recently, we have launched Brandstorm, a joint venture with Working at Weekend, a Barcelona-based film marketing agency, to create synergies between brands and events with productions and cinema releases.

    In January 2016 we shall join ‘Factoría Cultural’, the cultural industry hub located in ‘Matadero de Madrid’.

  • Our team

    Sarah Calderón

    Sarah  is the main strategist, founder and director of the company. She holds a major in Advertising from the PUJ of Bogotá and a Master’s Degree in Multicultural Communication from the CELSA Sorbonne IV, Paris. She has fifteen years of work experience in the audiovisual sector where she has held many different positions, including: Head of International Sales at Coproduction Office, Paris, distributor/coordinator at Karma Films, Madrid, and Producer of Festival Toma5inco in Bogotá.

    Espinar Gabriel

    Espinar is The Film Agency’s creative project manager for year-long projects like Royal Opera House, The TIDE Experiment and Biennale College. She is in charge of the community management strategies for films at festival launches, such as Son of Saul, Boy and The Beast, The Visit or Cemetery of Splendor. Espinar graduated in Audiovisual Communication and specialized in video editing. She started her career as a graphic designer and video editor, later moving to Young & Rubicam as graphic and digital producer.

    Raquel Cabrera

    Raquel is The Film Agency’s project manager of transnational initiatives such as Walk This Way and branded-content projects such as Brandstorm. She handles liaising with brand and media partners for the vast majority of The Film Agency’s campaign activity. Raquel had previous experience in production companies such as Morena Films and Mediaset, and Spanish companies like Mapfre and Endesa.

    Celia Fumanal

    Celia joined The Film Agency team recently and coordinates grassroots marketing strategies for the Royal Opera House and contemporary concerts like Arcade Fire for Arts Alliance. Her professional experience prior to her involvement with The Film Agency includes work with branded content companies such as Muwom. In addition to her current work at The Film Agency, Celia is also, at present, pursuing a Master’s Degree in Strategic Planning.

    Our Advisors

    Daniel Bajo

    Daniel has a degree in Law and Business. He started his career working in the production department in Cinema and TV in Los Angeles. After returning to Spain, he worked for the Alta Films Group as Acquisitions Executive in Alta Classics, Head of Marketing in Cines Renoir, and finally as Executive Producer, producing several films like El Paramo, by Jaime Osorio or Miel de Naranjas by Imanol Uribe. At present, he is responsible for the acquisitions and distribution department at Karma Films and Executive producer of Hawai Films, an online advertising production company.

    David Carrizales

    Born in Bogota, Colombia, David started his career in Sydney, Australia while completing his tertiary studies – a Bachelor of Digital Media at the College of Fine Arts of UNSW as well as an Advanced Diploma in Graphic Design at Sydney’s SVA.

    He co-founded Binalogue in Sydney circa 2004 as a design studio focusing in graphic and web design. After travelling and participating in various design projects in countries such as Norway, U.S. and Colombia, David settled in Madrid in 2006.

    In Madrid, David completed postgraduate studies in various digital imaging fields and founded Binalogue’s european headquarters (where the studio’s motion design division was implemented). Since then, David has been at the forefront of Binalogue’s steady evolution while establishing it as a multidisciplinary design studio with an international clientele: MTV Networks, The Coca-Cola Company, Marie – Claire, Yahoo, Reebok and Mercedes – Benz among others.

    In recent times David has joined other partnerships and delved into new ventures: Noobware – an independent videogame development studio and Nutone – a digital art and illustration Boutique; both of them are Binalogue’s sister companies.

    Beatriz Cebas

    Beatriz has graduated in Journalism at the Complutense University Madrid and a Master of Arts on Communications and Media Studies at the University of the Arts London, where she has specialized on Digital Cinema & Online Media. Beatriz has worked for five years as a radio, TV and print journalist for Spanish, English and Canadian media. In 2008 she focuses her career on digital media. She has worked for agencies (The Cocktail, The Film Agency), cinema festivals (S8 Pheriferical Film Festival and recently the Riviera Maya Film Festival as Press Coordinator), production and distribution companies (LMF Films and Karma Films) and TV channels (Turner Broadcasting). Recently Beatriz has launched Flamingo Comunicación based between Spain and Mexico offering Social Media, Content Creation, Marketing Online and Training services to the Film & Culture industries.

    Markus Duffner

    Graduated from film, TV and multimedia production,  Markus has developed his professional experience in advertising sales for international trade magazines, websites, festivals and markets and b2b public relations. Since 2006 he works for Le Film Français and Cannes Market News where he is now international advertising manager, and handles diverse clients such as Venice Film Market, The Business Street, Dubai Film Festival, Cinando.com and Cineuropa.org.

    David Parra

    David studied Advertising Communication for 5 years in the Tadeo Lozano University in Bogotá, then studied one year in the Superior Creative School in Buenos Aires. He worked for 10 years in important advertising agencies: LOWE, Publicis Groupe, BBDO, Leo Burnett and DDB, in Buenos Aires and Bogotá learning how to write ideas. That made him win a couple of awards in famous advertising festivals. Now, he has entered into a new line of business in advertising communication: Digital Content for clients such as Coca-Cola.

    Marion Tharaud

    After her Private Law degree, Marion Tharaud directed her career towards the media and communication fields at Canal Plus Group and La Maison de Coûture Lanvin. Afterwards, she joined Haut et Court Distribution in Paris as marketing director where she has been able to launch films such as Thank you for smoking by Jason Reitman, The Chaser by Na Hong-Jin, The Class by Laurent Cantet and L’Apollonide by Bertrand Bonello. In parallel she has her independent activity from her own consultant agency Aussitôt Dit for other distributors such as Jour2fête or UFO where she develops campaigns for niched films such as 8 fois Debout by Xabi Molia, We are 4 Lions by Christopher Morris, Les rêves dansants sur les pas de Pina Bausch by Anne Linsel and Rainer Hoffman but also multi sectorial clients such as La Fondation Yves Saint-Laurent.

    Álvaro Vega

    Álvaro Vega is a highly experienced professional in films promotion. Graduated in Marketing, Advertising and PR, he has managed during more than 5 years (2007-2012) the marketing and publicity areas at Vértigo Films, one of the main Spanish distributors now under the structure of Wild Bunch. In this time frame, he accumulates more than 60 films promoted, from blockbusters like the Stieg Larsson’s “Millennium Trilogy” to new filmmakers releases, as well as the best international independent cinema by directors such as David Lynch, Gus Van Sant, Wong Kar-Wai, Mike Leigh or Sofia Coppola among many others. In parallel, Álvaro Vega is part of Esperanto Producciones, a small production company specialized in short films. Some of his works have been awarded in different film festivals and sold to TV, as well as screened worldwide.


  • We believe we can help the film industry face new challenges

    We are born to face the potential threats of our industry and turn them into opportunities. We believe that the advent of new media and online and digital tools like VoD or branded content are strong opportunities for innovation and creativity.

    The audience is our priority

    The audience is our priority and the key connection between marketing and film. We offer deep knowledge of two worlds: advertising and film. This makes our strategic position a unique piece in the puzzle of cinematographic innovation. We provide blended creative strategies that mix online and offline elements, generating high-level marketing tools beyond trailers and posters.



  • Our aim is to accompany our clients throughout all their marketing process

    From the initial stages of project development up to release, through the following five main services, we cover the needs of producers, sales agents and distributors. These are an adaptable basis for each situation.

  • For producers in development and financing stage

    We provide producers with a strategic marketing approach in the early stage of development, including a benchmarking, SWOT analysis, positioning hypotheses, target audience, communication, promotion and media plan possibilities, online and offline applicable tools and a distribution plan.

    We have applied this service to: Everything Will be Fine (Wim Wenders) for NeueRoad Movies (Germany) and Anna Frank (Ari Folman) for Entre Chien et Loup (Belgium).

  • For Producers in Production Stage

    We provide producers with a perfect coordination service of marketing tools throughout shooting and postproduction. We advise on and supervise all kinds of creative publicity and marketing content: visual identity, posters, logos, trailers, dossiers, PR, publicity, events, public relations, social media and community management, collateral content such as making of, B-roll, bloopers, virals, webdocs, podcasts, soundtracks… among other related lines of actions.

    We have applied this service to: Biennale College (Italy), Rams (Grímur Hákonarson) (Iceland/Poland) and Theeb (Naji Abu Nowar), (Jordan).

  • For Sales Agents finding distributors and potential audiences

    It is more and more important for sales agents to increase the levels of awareness of their films through creative means. We provide greater exposure through social media and other marketing tools, generating and further adding to the buzz during the international launch. We provide creative and alternative ideas beyond the conventional b2b.

    We have applied this service to: The Boy and The Beast  (Mamoru Hosoda) for Gaumont International, Omar (Hany Abu-Assad), Le Meraviglie (Alice Rohrwacher), White God  (Kornel Mundruczó), Cemetery of Splendour (Apichatpong Weeresathakul) for The Match Factory, Son of Saul  (László Nemes) for Films Distribution and RV-Press and The Visit (Michael Madsen) for Autlook during festivals such as Sundance, Cannes and San Sebastián.

  • For Single Distributors

    We reach the right audience and segment(s) using digital tools, via grassroots actions and through social media. As this service requires a local focus, we have applied it mainly in Spain, but we can also handle other European territories as well as South America.

    We have applied this service to films such as Tangerines  (Zaza Urushadze), Two lives (Georg Maas), Stranger by the lake (Alain Guiraudie), Blackfish  (Gabriela Cowperthwaite), for Karma Films in Spain or other alternative cinema content, like Cobain: Montage of Heck (Brett Morgen), Arcade Fire: The Reflektor Tapes (Kahlil Joseph), One Direction: WhereWeAre and Royal Opera House for Arts Alliance in Spain.

  • For Several distributors (allied through a transnational strategy)


    This service, highly innovative in the independent film industry, is conceived to bring together and link distributors in separate territories around the same strategy. We provide the strategy for their alternative and digital actions to ensure they are elevated to a transnational level. This allows them to share costs, makes for greater awareness and adds to reach and online impact. We manage tools such as social media channels, online advertising, website, apps, games, events and global launches, among others.

    We have applied this service for films like Dior & I  (Frédéric Tcheng), The Visit  (Michael Madsen), Master of the Universe  (Marc Bauder), White God (Kornel Mundruczó) for The TIDE Experiment, or Is The Man Who is Tall Happy (Michel Gondry), La Belle et la Bete (Christophe Gans) for Walk This Way.


  • Our Partners

  • Our outsourcing suppliers

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