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Leaked Nudes  Turn The Lives of Three Teenagers Upside Down


NUDES is a compelling miniseries that tackles the serious issue of sharing nude photos online, focusing on the impact on teenagers. The narrative follows Sofia (16), Alex (17), and Ada (14) as they navigate the fallout and work to regain control of their lives.

NUDES is a production by 3Cat in collaboration with Vertigo Films, the Spanish subsidiary of Wild Bunch, and ESCAC Studio. The fiction is a remake of a Norwegian miniseries, awarded as the best youth series in Norway and the United Kingdom. It has also recently been adapted successfully in Italy, with significant audience engagement during its latest broadcast by RAI.




Think Visual.

Together with Vertigo and 3Cat, we’ve developed the marketing strategy, creating a comprehensive package that includes the main poster, character artworks, trailers, teasers, clips, and additional content such as cast interviews.

Think Data.

To refine the promotional materials, feedback was gathered through a THINK DATA service partnership with BETASERIES, engaging an audience panel of series enthusiasts in Spain. This feedback helped us to finalize and enhance the marketing assets.

Tràiler de "Nudes"