Maren Ade’s acid comedy Toni Erdmann was, without doubt, one of the big favorites at the last Cannes Film Festival. For audiences and critics alike, the film was the real winner and it even set a record at the Screen Jury Grid. The Film Agency managed the film social media awareness campaign for The Match Factory and here’s what happened: we couldn’t believe it, but this project demonstrated that engagement is more important than awards:


First, we warmed things up by sharing backstage content and some key Kukeri red carpet videos. Then: WHAM! The film started getting its first reviews, which were all amazing.

The Reviews

The Internet was on fire with praise and the most flattering comments.


The Morning of the Awards Ceremony

When the day came, and Maren Ade was absent from the Awards Ceremony, that had everyone talking, from the beginning of the red carpet. It wasn’t long before the Kukeri jokes started coming:

The Moment of The Awards

Eagerness and expectation soon turned into disappointment and frustration, and audience comments just grew, and grew, and grew


after the Awards

There’s no denying that people love to complain on the Internet (the film not getting any award became as much of a trending topic as Ken Loach and George Miller). At Cannes everyone was clearly very disappointed. Not even journalists could hide their disbelief during the press conference after the ceremony:

the reactions

Afterwards, with all the expectation generated, the incredible reviews, the amazing and enthusiastic comments, NOT winning a Palme d’Or (‘not a single sausage’, as someone said) was probably the best thing that could happen (in terms of social media, of course!). It brought the type of hilarious and extraordinary comments that might not have been provoked had the awards been kinder to the film.

The Releases

Countries like France are positioning the film as “our Golden Palm” claiming the audience’s actual price. The box-office results of the film have echoed the awareness that social media generated in the first place. 


Upcoming Successes

Since the film was purchased by Sony Classics International for the US, a powerful Oscar campaign is being crafted. Could we expect a revenge at the Oscars?


Our Analysis

All we know is that this film tackled several communities from the start: the defense of women’s directors, the defense of women’s rights as such, the drama lovers, the comedy lovers, the cinephiles, and above anything else, the people who just loved the film. Social media reflected that the film had conquered the audience instead of the jury and we do believe this will be much more valuable in the mid and long-terms.

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