We’re launching a new product: THINK DATA: BRIDGING THE DATA GAP. This will be a unique set of accessible, synoptic, and analytical data reports from the perspective of the independent audiovisual tissue. Our first product is a monthly subscription of analytical reports of SVOD data. Our subscribers will receive a monthly newsletter with the top 100 movies and series, the most-streamed genres, and production country origins on the SVOD platforms in strategical territories. Moreover, they will join a short webinar where we will analyse and discuss the most important findings. 

all streaming on Netflix and Amazon. SODA is soon expanding to other territories and platforms that we will add to future monthly reports. These quick charts will allow the reader to take the temperature of the market at a glance. Digging further, in the analytical texts, we take a closer look at independent titles, flagship genres, and European content. We intend to go beyond the usual blockbuster mainstream performance data, to better understand what lies below the main hits and what can converge as an opportunity for our clients.