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Bankside at Marché du Film

Bankside bloomed its line-up with four new films for the Marché du Film online. For the first time, it was not only the UK and not only English Language. A diversity of new talents from different regions’ land covered the walls of this London-based sales company virtual booth at the Marché.

The Film Agency was appointed to craft a handful of teasing materials with a B2B focus to raise awareness among buyers and industry followers and position these new features on digital before hitting the play screening. The warehouse of teasing materials was an outset for reaching the B2C audience through a digital campaign.

The teasing asset locker’s challenge was branding a bunch of materials from scratch with material limitations, which had to reinforce the selling points of each project, being careful not to burn away the best shots too quickly.  We developed teasing asset lockers to enhance their presence at this virtual venue for ON THE FRINGE by Juan Diego Botto, starring Penelope Cruz (script), HERE BEFORE by Stacy Gregg (postproduction), KNOCKING by Frida Kempff (postproduction) and THE FEAST by Lee Haven Jones (postproduction).