• European Film Challenge


European Film Challenge is part of our own innovation and audience design projects. It was born as a contest to win cinephile trips to festivals like Berlin, Cannes or Venice. With time, it became a wide community of young cinephiles who recommend their favorite films and series through their own experience and human taste. Across 7 European territories, more than 50K young cinephiles participate actively in the contest, editorial news and release contents. European Film Challenge allows The Film Agency to reach the audience directly. Thus, we offered this channel to distribution companies who want to reach the young adults with their films. We constantly create tailor editorial contents around highlighted unique films such as Nomadland, The French Dispatch, and Maixabel for Disney, Lola and Sweat for Elamedia, Pleasure for Karma Films and Biarritz Surf Gang for Under the Milky Way. Each in their own way, are contributing to the growth of the community, and at the same time, are getting their films to be seen by the young audience. 


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