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Parenthood is a hot topic as new parents grapple with the changing landscape of education and parenting paradigms. THIS IS NOT SWEDEN captures the universal sentiment of contemporary parents, addressing their concerns and aspirations as they navigate the uncharted waters of molding the future.

Aina Clotet is the creator, co-director together with Mar Coll, Celia Giraldo and Sara Fantova, co-scriptwriter and protagonist of this hilarious and acclaimed 8-episode fiction series in which she has decided to bring her heartaches, blunders, miseries, pathos, crushed careers, problems and challenges of parenting, a profession that nobody teaches and for which mathematical formulas are useless: procreation, educating children and, if possible, not repeating the same mistakes our parents made. And all with lots of very clever humor.

Winner of the Prix Europa for Best Fiction for TV and considered one of the best Spanish audiovisual productions of the year, THIS IS NOT SWEDEN portrays a modern couple in their thirties, Mariana and Samuel, who, wanting quality of life for their brood (a one-year-old baby and a super smart, mouthy and somewhat impertinent five-year-old girl), move away from Barcelona city center to a neighborhood in the mountains. There, they also discover that an (apparently) model Scandinavian family lives across the street, which reassures them that they have chosen the perfect spot in the world to raise their kids. But when a tragedy shakes the neighborhood, Mariana and Samuel’s certainties begin to falter and fear settles in the couple, bringing them dangerously close to everything they were trying to escape from.


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