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Estrénate con Golem

Golem is an audiovisual company founded in 1982 in Pamplona (Spain). It started as a film exhibitor and soon developed into an independent film distributor too. Now it has 42 screens in Pamplona, Burgos, Madrid and Bilbao, and has been handling the new releases of some top directors like Ang Lee, Kore-Eda, Lars von Trier or Michael Haneke.

During the COVID-19 lockdown in Spain all movie theatres were closed until the summer when they gradually started to open again. We worked along creative agency Volando Vengo in a social media campaign for the reopening of Cines Golem called #YoMeEstrenoConGolem (“my first time with Golem”). Volango Vengo was behind the idea, the spot and the asset locker for the campaign while The Film Agency handled the social media and the ads campaign. The idea behind the concept was to play with the double meaning of “the first time”. We created a calendar with copies that reflected this play on words and fit right with the tone.


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Video piece at the reopening in Madrid