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Holy Spider

A Serial killer claiming to follow a holy mission. A bold journalist following in the steps of the criminal. And the hostile nights of the Sacred City of Mashhad. Ali Abbasi came back to the Big Screen with a riveting and raw take on a real case that shed light on both sides of double moral standards in a misogynist society.

An amazing film that propelled Cannes award-winner Zar Amir Ebrahimi to stardom, at with which we are delighted to have collaborated on several stages of its Marketing campaign. With GOODFELLAS (previously known as WILD BUNCH INTERNATIONAL) we developed the Pan-European Marketing Strategy of the film for this Cannes 2022 Official Competition selection, a strategy we could ultimately put into practice thanks to the Digital Theatrical Campaign for its realease in Spain with distributor KARMA FILMS. A 360 digital campaign including the launching of a landing page with ticketing in collaboration with LA BELLE DATA.


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