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Loving Vincent

The Film Agency supported Oscar nominee film Loving Vincent by developing two special marketing initiatives with the aim of maximising the impact of the film and reaching new audiences, particularly those interested in Fine Arts. The strategy was based on a Raising Awareness action, celebrating a special night premiere of ‘Loving Vincent’ in three first-class arts institutions in Spain. We planned and managed three simultaneous events in Madrid, Barcelona and Valencia in partnership with Museum Thyssen-Bornemisza, Museu Nacional d’Art de Catalunya and Consorci de Museus de la Comunitat Valenciana. These events were attended by almost 1000 art lovers in these three cities (Madrid, Barcelona and Valencia). In the digital world, we reached top art-loving communities through the events and got more than 800K impacts thanks to the communication of the action by the museums involved in the initiative.


As a part of the marketing strategy, we carried out an alternative marketing action in a cinema theatre in Madrid. We invited Sara Calderón and Sara Campos, two Spanish artists -who were part of the production of this film entirely created by animated oleo paintings –  to live painting the original poster at the Cines Renoir movie theatre. For over six hours, Cines Renoir´s main hall became an art studio where spectators and the media were able to witness how some brush-strokes turned into an artwork and experienced the creative process of two real artists. The event received a great deal of attention from the general public as well as good coverage from key TV channels such as RTVE, La Sexta Noticias, Antena3 among others, making it into the news the night before the release.


Near-lunatic labor of love pulling audiences into the delirious, hyper-sensual world suggested by van Gogh’s oeuvre.