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Nora is 30 years old; she lives with her grandfather Nicolás and regularly takes care of her friend Meri’s children. She writes the horoscope for the town newspaper, although her dream is to be a travel writer. When her grandfather dies, she inherits his old car. Despite being a terrible driver, Nora will set out aimlessly on a road trip along the Basque coast so that Nicolás’ ashes may finally rest beside those of his wife. The road will soon teach her that she’s not a born traveller and that her dream had nothing to do with roving but was only an excuse for the chance to be free, to grow, to close wounds and, for the first time, to find her own happiness.

The Film Agency has consulted on the branding, positioning and poster decisions, developed the digital strategy, social media management for this second feature film directed by Lara Izagirre (An Autumn without Berlin) starring Ane Pikaza and Héctor Alterio. A feel-good road movie that opened the Zinemira Section at SSIFF 2020. Nora is a production of Gariza Films, La Fidèle Production and Tandem Films. International sales are handled by Filmax and the Spanish release will be taken care by A Contracorriente Films.


"A liberating road movie, touched by grace"


Designed by Crisis Creativa with positioning briefing by The Film Agency.


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