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Tellu and Juhani (80s) have barely anything in common, except a room they share while waiting for death. Their fates change when Tellu and Juhani are chosen for a gene therapy trial, akin to the fountain of youth. As their bodies get younger, Tellu and Juhani explore the world they thought they had lost forever. While Tellu doesn’t want to think too much about the future, Juhani is forced to reconsider his second chance after his wife, Matilda, passes. Juhani realizes his newfound youth gives him a chance to turn his childhood dream into reality, as in this changed world, traveling to the stars is no longer impossible. Biennale College fosters new talents, allowing them to develop and produce their projects. For a decade consecutively, we have been at the forefront, steering the marketing strategy and crafting visual elements for Biennale College productions. Our role involves curating a comprehensive marketing kit, including the official poster, trailer, screening schedule, and press dossier.