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The Intruder

Inés, a dubbing artist brilliantly embodied by Érica Rivas, meets the man of her dreams and her life turns into a nightmare. Argentinian Director Natalia Meta has created a highly original psycho-sex thriller. Inspired by the cult horror novel “El mal menor” (1996) by Argentine writer C.E. Feiling, El prófugo is a film which mutates repeatedly, and in which the idea of freedom is discovered in each mutation.

The Film Agency handled the Raising Awareness & Social Media Digital campaign for the Producers, REI Cine. International Sales are handled by Film Factory.


“The Intruder” generates so much intrigue to maintain a breathless pace and unsettling atmosphere at every turn "

Game of Songs with Erica Rivas y Cecilia Roth

Berlin 2020

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