Innovation Marketing Strategy - White Shadow
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The Film Agency developed the innovation marketing strategy for White Shadow as part of the distribution project The TIDE Experiment. This is a project supported by the European Commission – Creative Europe for four years in a row. It is an experimental new model of distribution which uses Day-and-Date release patterns, multi-territorial approach and transversal marketing strategies for independent European movies. The Film Agency is the marketing partner of the project and takes care of Film Official Posters, Artwork, Trailers, innovative joint strategies with several distributors around the same project, street marketing and international digital promotion. After several Day-and-Date releases (ViramundoMagnifica PresenzaFor Those in PerilAprès la Nuit and Master of the Universe), The Tide Experiment continued experimenting new models of film distribution with White Shadow. The film was released in Hungary, Lithuania, France, Romania, United Kingdom and Netherlands. White Shadow is the story of Alias, a young albino boy on the run. After witnessing his father’s murder, his mother sends him away to find refuge in the city. He’s brought to the care of his uncle, Kosmos, a truck driver struggling with a few small businesses. In the city, Alias is a quick learner, selling sunglasses, DVDs and mobile phones. He is fond of his uncle’s daughter, Antoinette, although his uncle disapproves. Gradually the city becomes no different than the bush and wherever Alias travels the same rules of survival apply.

Innovation Marketing Strategy - White Shadow


The Film Agency coordinates the strategic agreements between all the distributors involved in the release and serves as a digital marketing agency. In this case there were two main componentes: on one hand the content design, community management and ads-boost on White Shadow official Facebook profile, and on the other hand the video seeding campaign through Emerse to promote the trailers in YouTube and linked to specialized sites. On this film we had an important event-driven element: the director and talents visited Paris and London and we shot exclusive videos about their experience and contact with the audience. These videos were used across the other countries as well.



Innovation Marketing Strategy - White Shadow

Translated to the different languages of the release, the website includes key materials like trailer, stills, press-kit (updated to the new look&feel), director’s statement and all the general information related to White Shadow European releases through The Tide Experiment.