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Why Not You

Mario, a young dancer living in his small village has to face the loss of his beloved friend Lenz, victim of an attack in a gay club. Producers Amour Fou engaged us for a 360º marketing process in which the sales agent True Colors was also involved. At late development stage, we applied the MD: Marketing Doctor Service and built the positioning strategy. In pre-production we applied our PMD: Producer of Marketing and Distribution created a specific briefing for the set photographer, designed the poster together with Pablo Davila Studio, and created the trailer of the film. Later on, Polyfilm, the Austrian distributor, also requested us a teaser. As the film made its path to the fall festival season, we accompanied it, managing social media and creating a dedicated moving asset locker.


"Is at its best when Mario gets his groove on, with a curly wig on his head and glorious retro songs cheering him on"




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