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Wim Wenders Foundation

Established in 2012, The Wim Wenders Stiftung aims to create a framework to bring together the cinematic, the photographic, artistic, and literary lifework of Wim Wenders. Since 2022, we have collaborated with the foundation to make the work of Wim Wenders more visible online, providing our THINK VISUAL & THINK ENGAGEMENT services. Through them, we have designed a digital campaign to approach the community to Wim Wenders digitally restored films, promoting titles as iconic as “Wings of Desire” or “Paris, Texas”. This has allowed us to revisit the director’s cinematography from a new perspective and aesthetics. During this year, we have also worked on disseminating the foundation film education project “A European School of Seeing”, and developed an Ads campaign aimed at reaching a wider audience and extending Wim Wenders legacy worldwide.

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