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In order to bring the industry closer to the audience at movie theatres as a safe meeting place, The Film Agency designed a digital campaign called #YoVoyAlCine (#ImGoingToTheMovies) for ICAA (Spanish Cinematography and Audiovisual Arts Institute). After the Spring lockdown there was an imminent need for the promotion of a new way of consuming culture in the world, specially films. Movie theatres have adapted to the new reality and ICAA wanted to stand up for the unique experience of going to the movies under these new protocols and also redefined the concept of “presence” at festivals thanks to digital tools.

We developed the concept behind La butaca de pensar (The thinking seat), a safe accessible and visible 2m2 meeting point at Málaga Film Festival where Spanish talent could sit as they were in a screening room and answer some questions in order to reflect on the act of going to the movies. These little interviews would later be post on the social media accounts of ICAA.

Spot - El cine es un lugar seguro

Video Examples - La butaca de pensar